Friday, October 22, 2010

Red Slip

After school yesterday Sam came to me with his head down quietly said "I'm sorry Mom" and put a red slip of paper in front of me. This was a discipline notice sent home from his teacher for me to sign. I asked Sam what happened. He informed me that he and 3 other boys climbed up on their desks and jumped off when their teacher had left the classroom and two girls tattled on them. I had to bite the inside of my cheek from laughing out loud. Every ounce of me wanted to laugh, give him a high five, and say way to go Sam. I was good, I didn't encourage the behavior even though I could remember countless times wanting to do something similar at his age only I was too chicken to do it. I asked him how he should act when the teacher was not in the room (part of me also thought, that's what you get when you leave a room full of 1st graders alone), he said he should act like his teacher is still there. I knew he knew what the "better" choice should be and that was the end of the "talk". I signed the slip and handed it back. He asked if he was in trouble "not one bit" I said. He was way harder on himself then I was and I felt that was punishment enough!

Sam has really struggled with full day school this year and his hyperactivity. He works so hard to stay in control at school and so when he gets home I pretty much let him go. The other kids tell me Sam is really loud at home. I just laugh and explain to them that Sam does his very best to keep it together at school so I give him lots of room to get that extra energy out at home. It makes home life a bit more interesting and difficult at times but considering how hard he works at school I think the rest of us can work a portion of that hard to accept the extra energy at home. I know there are times where that energy is going to get the best of him at school and anticipate more of these "red slips" coming home. I will happily sign every one of them knowing how hard Sam is working, especially if they are about doing something as small as jumping off his desk when his teacher is out of the room.


Lauri said...

You're such a good, understanding Mommy! I'm impressed :)