Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another Great Day

With the kids on Spring Break and knowing we couldn't stray too far from home with Aaron's arrival so near we looked for things to do around our area. We started off with our normal Saturday chores with the promise that once things were done Mom and Dad had fun plans for the day. Chores and lunch were done by noon and we started in on the fun.

First we started off with a trip to the movies to see Hop. We loved it and the kids enjoyed jamming to the music. Then we came home, had a snack, colored a few dozen eggs, and adorned our Cougar Blue. We met up with a fun family in our old neighborhood and headed South for the Men's Volleyball Quarter Finals at the Y. We stopped at Fudrucker's for dinner and enjoyed yummy food and catching up with our friends. Then we headed to campus. On the way we were trying to describe to the kids how loud and crazy these games can get and that watching one of the volleyball matches is a totally different experience than going to a football or basketball game. With school letting out on campus this week the House wasn't as packed as it usually was but we were rocking all the same. During the break after the 3rd game they had a kid's dance off. Both Ben and Sam headed down. They were so funny! Ben was even picked as a finalist. It was then I was kicking myself that I had left the camera in the car. Ben was all over the place, both sides of the court, hanging on the net, and just dancing everywhere. The announcer asked him his name and asked him why he liked dancing so much, he said, "Because it starts with a D!" Typical Ben!

Ben was in his true form and charmed the socks off the poor young woman sitting in front of us. She was clearly on a date and Ben was making his move. Sorry to say that he made it farther than the guy she was with, managing to get a few hugs and even a kiss or two before Mom and Dad intervened. She was a good sport and laughed when Ben told her "I just love you so much!" Sadly the cougars went down in 4 to the Gauchos of Santa Barbara (the kids kept calling them the Grouchos" which fit as well) but we had so much fun non-the-less.

On the way home we noticed the Hot light was on at Krispy Cremes and headed in for a free donut and a potty break. We also decided to add to the next day's sugar craze and picked up a few for Easter Morning. We didn't get home until after 11 and headed straight to bed. I love these kinds of days. I'm all for wearing ourselves out while having fun with the family.


aj said...

"I just love you so much"?!? I'm still laughing!

Stacey said...

Sounds like a fun filled day with the fam. Glad you are moving forward and enjoying life!