Sunday, April 24, 2011

Temple Walk Pictures

This is the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. Its about 10 blocks or so from our house. The kids school is in the shadows of the Angel Moroni. We love living in the same neighborhood as the temple and seeing it everyday.
At first I felt a little awkward with all of us in our jeans and sweatshirts and then I looked around and discovered there were many others just like us enjoying the temple grounds in the spring time. I always want my kids to feel comfortable and respectful of the temple. As soon as we went through the gates the kids were very reverent even with the fountain and snacks we brought to enjoy. I love that they love being near the temple.

What a great view, the Temple with the mountains in the background. We live in a beautiful world!


LizzyP said...

Love it. It is indeed so beautiful. A walk around the temple with kids is always worth it.