Friday, April 01, 2011


We had a miracle today! What more can I say, the Lord is hearing our prayers. Yesterday we had another ultrasound with the specialist at the University of Utah. We saw that Aaron's heartbeat was averaging in the 70's. We knew this was bad news. We then saw the specialist who was so kind. She said that she consulted all the doctors on our case and they as a team decided that they would not do a c-section until the baby had a chance at life in the NICU. She said he needed to be between 400-500 grams for this to happen. She said we had two choices now, to let things play out and let him pass or we could choose to be induced and see if his heart would make it through delivery. She didn't think it would. She then stepped out and we decided to deliver, we had made the decision that if we ever came to this point that would be our decision. We told her our decision and she said that we would have to wait 24 hours because the Law in Utah considered this a termination in pregnancy. We left frustrated not knowing if he would make it that long.

We came home and called in the cavalry for today's induction. My mom took the day off to come and Stephanie caught the next flight with available seats into town. As we drove to the hospital today we were quiet and somber knowing this would be a tough day. We were admitted and shown to our room. The nurse came in to get things hooked up and started. Just before she was about to put the IV in I asked her if we could hear the heartbeat just one more time. She called the resident on the floor and she came with the ultrasound machine. They hooked things up and the heart looked good, they then put the doppler on and the heartbeat was measuring 145 bpm. The resident left to call the specialist who came running. She came into the room with a shocked look on her face and said she needed to see for herself. The ultrasound was brought back in and she took a look and said I can't believe it, the heart usually doesn't rebound like this. I told her he had been active all night and I could still feel him moving. She then turned to us and said this changes a few things. She felt she needed to tell us the situation was still very grave but we could keep fighting. She wanted to run a few more tests and wanted to see the results before we left but she said we could go home and she would see us in 3 weeks at another ultrasound and that my regular ob could continue to care for me until then.

We are thrilled! The Lord knows of our battle and is watching over us. Keep those prayers coming, they are working!



I am so happy to hear that! Hang in there mommy & baby Aaron, you are both amazing. XOXO