Monday, April 18, 2011

Split and Sick

Yesterday we arrived at church to find the entire stake presidency on the stand. They have come a few times and we have thought, finally we will be split today to then later find out that they were there for a missionary farewell. Yesterday however was different. Our ward was finally split. We were pushing the 800 member mark and it was becoming difficult to fit in the stake center chapel and overflow. Its good to see so many active members though in our area. Even better news was that the Stake President announced that our ward would move to the 9:00 am session time in 2 weeks as a result of the split. Hooray!!!!

This morning the kids were getting ready for school and Ben came down and sat on his self proclaimed bar stool. He then told us his belly hurt and laid his head back down. Ronny moved him over to the couch where he quickly fell back asleep. I was about to wake him up to get ready for preschool when he popped up ran to the kitchen for a drink and then puked all over the kitchen floor. Then he ran to the bathroom and finished his business. As soon as he was done he came out of the bathroom with a smile on his face and said, "Mom I feel so much better!" No preschool today, which means he is missing his Easter Egg hunt at school. He seems to have taken it in stride however and is now snuggled in a blanket on my bed watching cartoons with a bowl right beside him. I just hope that whatever bug he has stays with him and doesn't continue to the rest of us!