Sunday, April 10, 2011

One More Item On the "To Do" List

Yesterday we started our day with Saturday chores and were finished before noon. (I love those days when we get up get things done and have lots of time to play!) We met some friends for lunch by the mall and then brought a couple back to hang out until they could get to their final destination. Ben was soooo excited to see our friends from Las Vegas that he jumped up and down swinging his arms whooping in glee. It was so funny.

After our friends left I had Joseph run out and get the mail. He came in with quite the stash and one bright green form addressed to me was in the mix. I glanced at it thinking it was junk at first and then realized it was from the county court. Can you guess what it was??? Notice to appear for Jury Duty! Really? Now? I groaned and Ronny came over asking what the matter was. Then he said surely they will let you out. I read through the notice and saw that I would need to have my doctor write a letter to get me dismissed for medical purposes. Good thing I see him on Wednesday. Surely I qualify right???


aj said...

I can't help but laugh. You definitely qualify for a doctors note!