Thursday, March 01, 2012

A Few Quick Updates

We thought Ronny would have his biopsy at the same place he had his ultrasound, unfortunately that is not the case, he has to go up to the University campus to do it. Thankfully he doesn't have to go to the hospital to have it done, just in an offsite facility in the research park. Driving that same drive we did last year is still difficult but having to go back to the hospital right now wouldn't help my sanity. They couldn't get him in until March 21st so we get to play the waiting game yet again.

Sam and Joseph made a trip to the orthodontist. Joseph got pushed back another 10 months (can't say I'm sad about that!) Sam got his first orders for teeth extraction and gets to come back in 6 months for more to be removed. Charley had an appointment today and is starting the widening phase. She is not such a happy camper right now and came home begging for the tylenol. She'll be sore for a while but is happy she doesn't have to go back for 10 weeks.

The boys had their blue and gold dinner this week and Mom got to help make 2 cakes, a flying saucer and a planet with a Star Wars battle, I'll post pictures later. Ben is turning 6 next week and I need to get a party planned!

The kids are off track and will start swim lessons this week. The last 2 years have not allowed us to do this for all kinds of crazy reasons so we are starting early to be ready for summer. We are determined to get our full dose of Vitamin D this year!