Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Boy's Week: Day 2

Last night was rough. Ben woke up at midnight, and then again at 3am. His crying woke Sam up, and I gave in and let them both into my bed. This was a big mistake. Ben was in the middle and kept hitting both Sam and I. After about 15 minutes of this, I put Ben in his crib and closed the door. I put Sam in his bed, and told him Ben was crying so he needed to stay in his bed. Sam went right back to sleep, but Ben cried for a half hour or so until he went back to sleep.

So, we woke up tired this morning at 6:45am. After breakfast and scripture time, the kids had about an hour to watch cartoons while I tried to pay the bills. I came up one stamp short, and so after we dropped Joseph off, we ran some errands.

After we got gas, and returned the movie, we stopped by the local farm supply store to get Denise her Mother's Day present from the kids (mine is the haircut she's getting while in Utah).

Happy Mother's Day, Denise. (They're magnets for the refrigerator)

Then we went to the grocery store. Ben fell asleep on the way. We woke him up and went in to get the stamps, along with other sundry items that we don't seem to have enough of (raisin bran, yogurt, apples, oranges, chocolate cereal, ... etc).

We came home to get lunch for Ben and Sam. After that, we picked up Joseph, and now the kids are once again on my bed watching Mickey's House of Mouse Christmas movie (and hopefully getting tired).


bjarnason family said...

Just what I wanted, more magnets. I love it. We went to the park for lunch and then the Bean Museum for some "educational time". We also met Michelle's Mike. Good Guy!

I miss you!

James & Anjanette said...

Good luck this week.
Sounds like you could have really used Jon's visit this week...