Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day

Monday was Memorial Day. To most of Americans this is a Federal Holiday. Holiday to my husband is a subjective term. If he can physically get into his office its not a holiday. However he chose to spend the morning with us and only worked half a day. For this we were grateful.

Early that morning Sam woke up and decided his losing his baseball glove was too traumatic to endure and pleaded with Ronny to get him another. Ronny of course agreed that his son needed a glove. So he loaded up the boys and had quite the adventure in baseball shopping. Evidence of this would be the glove he bought for Sam, the pink glove his bought for Charley, and the new "T" he brought home to practice on. They spent all morning practicing, hitting off the tee and catching fly balls Ronny would throw to them. They all loved it!

Joseph is becoming quite the baseball slugger at our house. His teachers at school have taken Joseph out and pitched to him during outside time at school. They love to report what a hitter he is. He has belted a few right back at them and hurt one. One of his teacher's asked me if we were going to "pursue his baseball career." I laughed and reminded them he was only 4 and the major leagues wanted him to at least see over the wall of the dugout before signing him. He is now just as obsessed with baseball as he is with Star Wars. Unfortunately he missed the age requirement for t-ball by 11 days. He'll have to wait until next year for that.


LizzyP said...

What's more American than baseball! That was great way to spend the day.

Jon said...

...our first granchild-sport-prospect. This is DEFINATELY a special day.