Sunday, May 06, 2007

The End of Boy's Week

We did end up going to see Meet the Robinsons yesterday. They only had it in 3-D, so I'm not sure how much Sam got out of it, because he refused to keep his glasses on. Of course, with as much popcorn butter as he ended up getting on them, he could probably see more clearly without the glasses.

Last night, after some frantic cleaning and occasional glances at game 7 of the Jazz/Rockets series, I woke up Sam, and the four boys went to the airport to pick up Charley and Denise.

Boy's Week is officially over, and we wouldn't have it any other way.


LizzyP said...

Yikes! Charley is a mini-Denise in every way! She looks just like her mom--beautiful!

Stephanie said...

I have loved Boys Week!

Jon said...

you're amazing ronny. good job.

ronny said...

FYI: the purpose of documenting mealtime was to show Denise that we were getting as much fish in as we could. Denise can't stand the smell, so we get as much as we can while she's away.