Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Endoscopy Pictures

Here are the pictures from inside my throat:

I was still very much under the influence of a strong sedative when the pictures were explained to me, so the explanation I give to you is purely speculative. Denise should be able to properly resolve any misinformation.

On the upper right, you can see the narrowing at the bottom of the throat. It looks completely closed to me, but you can be the judge of that.

On the lower right, you can see the ulcers (in white), at least that's what I think they are.

If there is anything interesting about the other two pictures, please feel free to share.


LizzyP said...

Ronny! Are these things painful? Please take care of yourself.

Stephanie Bjarnason said...

The ones on the left are normal? And the ones on the right are yours?

bjarnason family said...

No, they are all Ronny's. The ulcers are actually hard to see on these photos. All the pictures are of Ronny's esophagus and stomach just from different angles. The nurse did not indicate what the pussy mucus is although I suspect it is an infection of one of the ulcers.

Our brother-in-law Blake starts his GI rotation next week and is excited to have a case in hand. We are happy to help out.


Robert W said...

I'll tell ya what I see. 1st is of normal esophagus. 2nd is the bottom of esoph (throat). 3rd is the beginning of small bowel (white spots here would be ulcers) hard to tell. 4th is a look back up toward the throat scope is in a "u " shape inside of stomach. puddle is just stomach fluid with mucus. Not pus. be careful when using pus and forms of it- gets funny..LOL. if was told has ulcers are tiny and no good pics of them