Sunday, March 04, 2012

Come Listen To A Prophet's (or apostle's) Voice

Friday the boys started their swim lessons. Ben's lesson starts 45 minutes after the other boys lesson so we were sitting on the bench waiting his turn. A water aerobics class soon started and music starting blaring through a portable speaker. Not willing to miss an opportunity to dance Ben jumped up and put on a show for the next 20 minutes. The ladies loved it and cheered him on. It was pretty funny watching him shake and shimmy in his swim trunk. Later that night Joseph had another soccer game and then we headed down for another BYU volleyball game.

Saturday morning started with more soccer, then Ronny and I were able to find some time to have a nice walk around the lake. On our walk we talked about Stake Conference that we would be having and I told Ronny I hoped and prayed it would be uplifting. The last few days were pretty emotional and I really needed some nourishment for my soul. Boy was I overwhelmed with the answer to that prayer! We were fortunate to have Dallin H. Oaks visiting as well as Elder Clark (I believe he's a regional authority). Elder Oaks is one funny guy and left us all uplifted Saturday night.

This morning Ronny and Joseph headed over an hour early in hopes of getting seats somewhere in the cultural hall. The rest of the kids and I headed over about 20 minutes later. Just after getting settled I looked up to see Elder Oaks coming down the aisles shaking hands with those in attendance. I whispered to Charley that Elder Oaks was there and that he was an apostle. She was out of her chair in no time wanting to shake his hand. I turned to the boys and asked if they would like to shake his hand as well. I walked them over and Elder Oaks shook their hands and then he pulled them into a great big hug. It was so sweet and tender and with tears in my eyes I shook his hand and thanked him. I hope they will never forget this experience, it certainly won't be something I will.

For the life of me I can not remember another conference where I left with so much joy. It was truly an uplifting meeting. When Elder Oaks rose to speak our kids immediately quieted down and listened (first time ever we didn't have to ask them to be quiet!). When we were leaving Joseph came to me and told me he really liked the speakers, especially Elder Oak's talk. I don't know if its because he is an apostle, or if it was because Joseph got a hug from him, or if he told good stories, or if the spirit was overwhelming, but what a great conference, especially for my kids! Hopefully they will be just as excited with General Conference in a few weeks.


Stacey said...

how awesome! Glad you found some solace.

aj said...

So sweet.