Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Charley came home with her junior high registration materials yesterday. I need to make an app0intment for her well check up and next series of booster shots. She is not so excited about that! She also gets to decide on what electives she'll take next year. Its a big decision for her and it seems she is changing her mind hourly. We are letting her choose whatever she wants as we feel she is in need of some "fun" time in her education. We finally got her test scores back from her latest round of ALPS testing, they were sent to the wrong address. Smarty Pants! She's way smarter than I ever was! We love seeing her with her group of friends that she has developed these last two years, they are wonderful girls from great families and I am thrilled most of them will be together through this next phase of life.

Charley is starting her next big project for school. She is writing a 5 chapter autobiography. I'm actually pretty excited about this one and am anxious to see what she writes. She'll be calling a few key players in her life to get some information.