Saturday, March 17, 2012

Random Photos and Updates

(Charley passes up Nana in the height department!)

I finally downloaded my camera and both our cell phones and realized how far behind on updates I am. So here are a few photos and updates to try to catch up, they start with the oldest and end with the newest.
Ice Skating
Our 1 day of sledding this season. (Can't say I'm too sorry about the lack of snow thus far!)
Charley was a troll in her class play.
(Hands down the cutest school play I've seen so far, and I have seen my fair share!)
Family Sports Nights watching lots of BYU Men's Volleyball. Of course our boys insist on dancing in the half time competition. Sam even has his own following now, believe it or not he has been recognized at places around town as the boy in the green shirt dancing his heart out! We are encouraging him to try out for Cosmo when he goes to the Y!

We always hit Krispy Kreme on the way home after each game.
We love it when the HOT light is on!
Mom loves it when she turns around to see all 4 asleep on the way home.
How often does that happen???Off track swim lessons. While waiting for his class Ben enjoys dancing to the water aerobics music and puts on a good show for the ladies!
Indoor soccer for all 3 boys and another season of coaching for Dad! We are knew to the indoor soccer season and so far we are loving it! Especially when I think of how cold it is outside!

Blue and Gold dinner. Joseph's cake is the spaceship on the left and Sam's is the Lego Star Wars crash landing and battle on a planet of course. They both enjoyed designing and frosting their own cakes. I should have taken a picture of my kitchen afterwards, it was pretty scary!
Joseph earned his Bear!
Ben turns 6!!!
I'm sure I missed quite a bit in pictures, like Charley playing church basketball for example and the many phone calls for babysitting she gets every week, but I'm thankful for the ones I have and am amazed at how well my kids have adjusted. They are amazing and soooooo full of energy. I think about everything going on in the next 2 months and know that life sure isn't slowing down.

Forward we roll!


aj said...

Love the sleeping in the car picture. You should record Sam (& all your kids) dancing next time. I'd love to see it!!!

Stacey said...

Love the update! Your kids are growing up too fast!! We sure miss you guys!