Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Adventures

Like I said before, change is a constant in our lives it seems. For the last little while things have been put in place for Ronny to steer a new course in his employment. Ronny's boss and 2 other colleagues from his current company are branching out to try something new and are currently starting a new machine learning company. We've been waiting for a few key pieces of the puzzle to be put in place before saying anything. The announcement has now been made at his current company so we can now share the news. There are quite a bit of details to still work out but it looks like they will be starting their new adventure sometime in the next few weeks. We anticipate there will be more travel involved as it looks like a good portion of the work will be overseas this summer.

Ronny is really excited for this new opportunity and to really put to use all that stuff he learned in the many years of grad school he completed! There is quite a bit of unknown in the months ahead, yet we feel this is the direction we need to go. We've had quiet moments to sit and discuss what lies ahead of us and what changes may come with our family. We know this opportunity wouldn't have been possible to us had Aaron come home (although we would have preferred that), nor could we have done this when our other children were younger. Life is a constant mystery it seems. We know there will be long hours of work ahead for all of us and we are little anxious to get started.