Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Aaron Thomas Bjarnason

Aaron Thomas Bjarnason was born Monday May 16th, 2011 at 3:02 p.m. He weighs approximately 14 oz and has blond peach fuzz hair. After two unsuccessful attempts at a vaginal delivery Aaron was having none of it, he flipped himself around into a breach position as if to demand a c-section. Once this happened things moved pretty fast.

Once Aaron was out he was immediately handed through a window into the NICU where they were unsuccessful in their first two attempts to intubate him. They had given up and were about to bring him back to us when he started to breathe on his own. They then tried again and were successful getting a tube down. They then moved him over for an x-ray to make sure the tube was in its proper position and little Aaron knocked out the tube completely. He then started to cry and they noticed he had normal O2 levels on his own. They waited to let his lungs get a good workout and then reinserted the tube. He has been on very low oxygen levels ever since and has been moved off of one ventilator to another that allows his lungs to do most of the work. He was causing so much fuss and trying to pull his tube out that they finally had to sedate him.

I was able to see him for only a minute before they transferred me to recovery but Ronny has been able to touch him and gave him a name and a blessing there in the NICU. He again went into see him late last night. The neonatologist has evaluated Aaron at being only 28 weeks gestational age. This is a wonder as he should be 31 weeeks. Nothing about this little boy is "normal" it seems and he has everyone guessing. I had some problems getting my blood pressure to stabilize (really high then really low) and so I have not been allowed to even sit up on my own yet. This morning the nurses are going to try to get me in a wheelchair so that I can go and see my little one.

We are overcome with emotions of gratitude for our Heavenly Father who has blessed us with this beautiful child. The miracles we have witnessed have been endless and we continue to hope and pray for more each day.


KJlovesBubba said...

I am so happy for you. What a blessing & testimony of God's hand in our lives. I appreciating your willingness to share the miracle with everyone. We'll continue to pray for your family.

Kristin said...

You and your family are amazing for staying so strong! Little Aaron is lucky to have parents like you. I pray he'll continue to grow and be healthy. - Kristin

Kevin and Andrea said...

Amazing. He is so lucky to have you as parents - we are keeping you all in our prayers.

Sant Family said...

CONGRATULATIONS on getting Aaron to that ever important 400 gram mark! What a super star mom you've already been! Clearly God's plan for Aaron includes stumping the Doctors and promoting great faith all around! I hope you have a quick recovery and that you can see your sweet baby soon. I didn't see Daniel for more almost 2 days. It was horrible. Hopefully you have a lot of pictures.

christa @ enSTYLEpedia said...

i completely agree with andrea, he is so lucky to have you both as parents. what a miracle! you're in our thoughts and prayers.

Foster said...

Wow, what a fighter he has been, and continues to be...good thing he has fighting parents too. You have a whole lot of prayers coming your way.