Friday, May 27, 2011

Sam heads in for surgery!

Yesterday after running around all day with doctor's appointments, orthodontist appointments, and other errands, Sam came and told us he was not feeling well. He was running a high fever and his belly hurt. We called the doctor, headed in, and then were sent immediately to Primary Children's Medical Center. After blood work and a ct scan Sam was diagnosed with an enlarged appendix and Stage 1 appendicitis. His appendix was removed laproscopically just after midnight. Because we caught it early he had antibiotics through his IV for 12 hours following surgery and then he was discharged. He is hurting but doing well. (The details really bring the humor out but for now this will have to do).

I did run up to see Aaron during surgery (the two hospitals are connected by a bridge) and again this morning. He is doing well. He's back on his high-flow machine and back on his feeds. Lots to update but it will have to wait until both Sam and I get some sleep. Exhausted just doesn't seem to cover how I feel at the moment.


Kristen said...

You guys are all such troopers! Does the hospital have some kind of a frequent patient punch card? By now you have surely earned a free treatment or two! Glad you caught it early and hope Sam is feeling better soon.

Stacey said...

I tell ya, never a dull moment in that house. Glad he is doing better. Everyone get well soon!

Jen said...

You certainly will have great stories to tell to your grandchildren. ;)