Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bedrest What's that?

Since leaving the hospital last Monday things have not exactly been restful and relaxing. (Not too surprising at my house).

Tuesday started well enough with a decent doctor's apt. Later on we realized that Ronny's Mom was missing out an another family event so we spent a few hours searching for flights to allow her to get there. Sam mentioned he didn't feel well at scripture time. We didn't think too much of it and put the kids to bed. A few hours later I realized that Sam had shared this little gem of a bug with me. I then spent the next several hours loosing all the contents of my stomach.

Halfway through Wednesday I started to feel better and was able to eat some solid food at dinner. After dinner Ronny took the kids off to karate and I took Ronny's Mom to the airport.

Thursday started off slowly and then sped up when I received a phone call from the boys school informing me Sam was in the nurses office. I loaded Ben into the car and we headed over. We found Sam holding a swollen pinky in an ice pack trying not to cry. I looked it over and tried to assess if it was broken. The swelling and his cries of pain pretty much prevented that, so we checked him out and headed over to the instacare. The x-rays showed no break but each of the three joints were sprained. A splint was applied and advil was given and back to school Sam went.

Friday was spent at another doctor's appointment and a visit from a good friend. That night the stomach bug seemed to hit me again. This time however, instead of keeping my bp in normal range it seemed to jump up high one minute and go down low the next. This morning I was still feeling a little off so we called to hospital and called in my Mom and headed up. We had hoped for a quick visit and hopefully return home. Then the real fun began....