Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Last night my blood pressure spiked and I was admitted into University Hospital. I have now been diagnosed with Mirror Syndrome. In the short version my heart is now mirroring the same problems as the baby's. I stabilized quickly however and was monitored every 15 minutes. I am now monitored every 30 minutes so I am improving. They are concerned not only for my blood pressure but for swelling around my heart and brain like Aaron's. I don't seem to be retaining any fluid as of yet and am doing good to drink lots of water in combination with my IV. I was told I am now a permanent resident however and will stay until Aaron is delivered. We had an ultrasound done this morning and Aaron has made his greatest progress in the last 2 weeks and is now 335 grams. Our specialist then came into to see us and told us she is now more concerned for my health than the baby's. She wants to deliver immediately knowing Aaron would not survive and told us that although I am stable for now that could change at any minute and I could go down hill fast. We told her to give us a few minutes to talk about things and then decided that as long as I am stable we will continue. We have prayed about this and heard opinions from a few doctors now but we feel comfortable in our decision. We have asked for someone to come and assist us with a blessing and are waiting for them now. We are so close and feel we need to give him just a bit more time but also understand that my health has to come first and have told the doctors that if anything changes we will deliver then.

My specialist is not very happy with our decision but she respects that we have not made it without thought, reservation, and prayer. For now she is consenting to let us continue. In our ultrasound we discovered that Aaron's hydrops had not increased in severity and possibly became better. We attribute that to the walks I have been taking. I am not yet convinced I have the mirror syndrome they suggest, I feel more like I over did it the last few days and hope to convince the doctors of this as well with good blood pressure reads. Time will tell. We hope Aaron continues in his progress and gains these grams quickly. We are indeed in need of more prayers for myself as much as for Aaron. I know the Lord is watching over us, I can feel the peace he brings. Ronny is sleeping, something I have yet to do with all these monitors alarms and tubes. They have now unhooked me from most of them and we hope to be transferred to a permanent room this afternoon.

All our love,
Denise and Ronny


Megara said...

All our prayers are with you Denise!

Jennifer said...

I will be praying for you and Aaron.

Derek and Ceri Steele said...

Thinking and praying for you all. Love you.

Sant Family said...

Sending you positive thoughts and prayers! It is inspiring to see God's plan for you and Aaron played out. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Foster said...

We have been following Aaron's progress, and we will continue our prayers for you and your family.

The Fosters