Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Freedom! (At least for now)!

Yesterday my doctor came in to see me and asked if I wanted to go home. I was shocked! So apparently every morning the specialty group gets together and goes over all their patients and the question lately on my case has been whether or not they should send me home. I was told that normally they do not allow someone like me to go home even with the good bp reads I was having because they don't trust the patient to come back when it gets bad again. They all agreed that I was a responsible patient who would return. (I had to promise a few times over that I would). I think the other factor was that I came in on my own in the middle of the night when it was bad the first time and wasn't sent in by a doctor. My discharge paperwork also requires that I will take my blood pressure at home regularly and that I now have 2 doctor appointments each week and its officially on paperwork that I am on bedrest. The other big factor in sending me home was that they asked how long Ronny's Mom was going to stay. I told them at least a few more days at which point they said ok, you have help at home, you are responsible, and you'll be seen biweekly by your regular ob so we are willing to let you go. I didn't argue!

I called Ronny at work and he came to get me. I think had he been there he would have argued with the doctor. He's worried, I know he feels more comfortable with me in the hospital being monitored than at home with the kids. I think my biggest hurdle in coming home will be convincing Ronny I can chill even when chaos ensues. I did remind him that we were saving tons of money is gas with me home as opposed to him driving up everyday. (That only helped a little).

The hardest part for me is when the kids just fall back into the routine with me here and come to me with all their problems and me having to send them to Nana or Dad to fix them. Its unnatural and I'm still working on it. For now I am home and we are moving forward. Forward we go, I think that is our new motto!


LizzyP said...

Yay! At least your kids will have you nearby for comfort.