Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Busy Day

Sorry everyone our internet has been down for a couple days. I spent the morning on the phone with Qwest trying to get things sorted out only to find out after talking to several people that it was down all over town. After they got it back on in the area our account somehow was messed up and it took them hours to sort it out and get us back up. I eventually lost it with them and hung up and had Ronny deal with them when he got home tonight.

So, let me get you caught up. This weekend the doctors decided to try something new in hopes to alleviate the edema on Aaron's belly. They decided to stop giving him fat through his feedings. This means that they had to change him to formula that did not have any milk fats. They originally were going to spin my breast milk in a centrifuge to do the same thing but apparently that can't be done on a weekend, nor does the hospital stock the formula so it must be sent over from Primary's which seems to take hours to walk across the bridge. (sorry, just a little pent up frustration there!) The formula includes all the supplements he was in need of except for one so having him on the formula is actually a really good thing for his bones and he is tolerating it really well. Saturday they also decided to change out Aaron's bed. It was long over due, and it was icky! His double lumen picc line was doing odd things again so it was pulled Sunday afternoon. His milrinone was completely weaned off and his feeds were upped to 25 mls so there wasn't enough fluid to put through the line so we were fine with that decision. Aaron's CRT was low again yesterday so he also received blood early this morning. For the most part that was the gist of the weekend.

Today I arrived to hear that Aaron's echo looked really good. I had been worried about it all morning. His hypertension is under control with his meds thus far. His vent was showing signs of a significant leak so they decided to change out his tube for a bigger one. (more on this in a minute). They also decided to give him lasiks in hopes of bringing his blood pressure down and increase his urine output. His output has been averaging 4 or higher all weekend so that wasn't too concerning for me. They had plans to start the sildenafil back on today but are waiting until tomorrow with all the other things that were going on. Aaron also had a head ultrasound today which we do not yet have the results of. Today I changed two diapers on at 72 and the other at 41 and Ronny changed another 70+ diaper so the urine output is stellar today!

I stuck around for the vent tube change. This involves extubating him, bagging him, and re-intubating him with a bigger tube. I spoke with the doctor about this and he thought Aaron had done this before. I told him this was the first time a tube has been changed, he told me I may not want to be there. I told him I would be there in my designated corner. The fellow Ben who's been here all last week did the procedure. He told me sometimes it takes a few tries to get it in and that he anticipated Aaron being tricky. I told him he had 1 try, but no pressure! He did great and he did get it in on the first try. After he was done we changed the linens in the bed and weighed him. 2420 down from 2500 last night and his girth is down another cm so good news there! The size 1 diapers are getting a little big for him which is another sign that he is flushing some of the fluid off.

I need to tell a scripture story to my kids so that is all for tonight.


RachelHixson said...

Yea! Yea! Yea! And super yea on the tube change! You man your corner well Denise! See you tomorrow?!

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