Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Another Turn

Just as we were starting the bed time routine last night a call came in from the hospital telling us we needed to come right away. We called my mom and left within in minutes. When we arrived we found Aaron blue and thought we had lost him. He still had a heartbeat put his oxygen stats were in the 50's with 100% O2. It took about 6 hours and the start of two of the drugs he had been weaned off of to get him somewhat stable again. He had another echo last night that told us his hypertension was back. We stayed all through the night once again just in case. My mother took our kids back to her house and got them ready for school this morning. Today is Ben's first day of kindergarten.

Ronny and I stayed through rounds today. We were pretty frustrated that he had been weaned so quickly once again and we told the Attending that. The Attending said there should be a sign placed on his bed not to wean him off his pht drugs no matter what the echo says. (Funny, I thought we had established that already, yet here we are again!) At the end of rounds the Attending turned to Ronny and I and told us that there were two kinds of kids with hypertension, ones that will clamp down and recover quickly after just one round of medication and the other set who don't seem to get better after repeated treatments and they tend to be more critical when they clamp down. Obviously Aaron fits into the second category. He says that sometimes these kids don't ever get better and don't ever go home, but they haven't given up on Aaron yet. I told him that if we could just get him over whatever is making him sick and get this edema off him I think Aaron would do so much better and likely recover after a ligation from the hypertension. I told him though that until that time comes not to take him off the meds!

This roller-coaster ride seems to only have loop-di-loops at the moment. We are all getting dizzy. I worry about what this is doing to my big kids. Ronny and I pray each night for the Lord to watch over them and guide us as parents to help them through this journey of ours.