Friday, August 26, 2011


Yesterday I arrived to find Aaron not in his normal spot. A momentary bit of panic raced through me until I realized they switched him to the room across the hall. In the last few days things have become very busy in the NICU. It seems like its raining babies in there and there was a flurry of activity. Yesterday there was a massive move as they matched up twins in rooms and added more babies as they came in. Our previous room was a large room and can accommodate up to three babies so they moved Aaron across the hall to a smaller room where there are only two. Aaron is not a big fan of the commotion as he started to require more oxygen during this time.

I made it for rounds and was able to talk to the Attending. We discussed my desire for the pre machine to be added back and he was more than happy to oblige. He said that many times he will ask for things that aren't absolutely necessary but will make him feel better about what was going on and completely understands why I want it back on. They are going to give Aaron a higher dose than what they usually give of Viagra today and see if he tolerates it. If so they will start to wean him off his Flolan today. These next few days are pretty important as he really needs this to work!

After they finished their list of items they asked me if I had anything. I told them that I held Aaron the night before and he seemed to really like it and that I not only want to hold him daily, I want to hold him for every care session I am there for. Dr. Bloom looked at me a little shocked and said, "you held him last night?" I said yes, just standing over his bed and only for about 10-15 minutes but he improved on his oxygen needs and that I think he needs it. He asked me if I held him vertical, I said as much as I could with the vent tubing but certainly more elevated than the bed can do. He said, "You're the mom and you certainly know your son and what he likes and doesn't like. By all means hold him whenever you want and then tell us what we can do to mimic it when you are not here." Have I mentioned before, I really like Dr. Bloom! Aaron's O's have come back down to the 30's since I started holding him. I don't know if its because I'm holding him but I would certainly say it helps!

Aaron's stats seem to be holding steady, not getting better, not necessarily getting worse either. Just stagnant I guess. He is gaining weight again, 2410 last night, up 30 grams. His belly also got 1/2 cm bigger. I'm hoping he'll start moving in a better direction soon.


Trevor, Shelbie and Khloe said...

We're so happy that Aaron is doing so much better and he is looking so good. We're keeping you all in our prayers.