Thursday, August 25, 2011

Real Quick

Last night was a really good night! When I arrived I found Aaron's pre machine was back on and picking up well. (Thank you Phil for appeasing me and honoring my request!) Splits were less than 5 the entire time I was there. After pumping it was time for Aaron's cares. His weight increased to 2380 only 20 grams so nothing to be concerned about. While changing his bedding I was able to hold him just standing by his bedside for a few minutes. When the sheets were done I asked if it was ok to just hold him for a few more minutes. Our nurse told me to hold him as long I wanted to as he was doing so well. He opened his eyes and we had a little chat. I only held him for about 10 minutes and it was a bit awkward standing next to his bed and just holding him in my hands but we both enjoyed our time. He fell asleep after a while and that's when I put him down. He had a large divet in the side of his head where my thumb was from the fluid that is still there. It's been over a month since I've really been able to hold him. His stats immediately picked up and for the first time all day his O's were down in the 30's. I read to him for another hour or so and when I left I knew he was doing much better. When I go in today I am going to talk to the Attending and nurses about holding him. As long as he is tolerating cares I think he needs to be touched and held more frequently. Babies who are full term are being held constantly and I think his little body is missing it.