Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Cleopatra Presentation

Charley has been working on a Cleopatra project since the start of school in July. Each student chose an important person from history to do their "Images of Greatness" project on. With all that was going on with Aaron, Ronny and I were only able to give her minimal help at best. Last night was the presentation of projects from their class. Part of the project was to write, memorize, and perform a bio poem and also display a project board similar to a science fair project. Pretty much the only help we gave her was to help print out things on the computer, cut, paste, and buy her costume. I was absolutely amazed at her performance last night. She was amazing, I know I'm a little biased but really she was! (however we need to work on Roman Numerals, it was Cleopatra the VII and not the XII I think.)


aj said...

YEAH! That was awesome!!!!! Good work, Charley!

From the Farm said...

Woweeee-Kazoweee!!!!! Way to go!

Jen said...

Yeah Charley!