Sunday, November 06, 2011

A Young Woman In Our Midst

Charley turned 12 on Friday. Can you believe it!?! She entered Young Women for the first time this morning, we all said goodbye to her in primary and off she went. She was so very excited to dc primary and head to YW with her friends. She has grown up so fast and I wish I could slow the clock down.

Friday was a pretty busy day here and she had to share her special day with her Dad having another scope done on his throat, one crazy day of school, and a ward party. With all the craziness she was willing to hold off the birthday cake until Sunday evening although she was able to open her gifts before we headed out for the ward party. We were also able to make it to the mall to have her ears pierced in the late afternoon. She is soooooo excited for earrings. It took a good year to talk Dad into assuring him she was old enough to have it done.

We are so lucky to have Charley in our family! The boys do not yet realize how great a big sister she is, hopefully they will figure that out soon and give her a little more respect and privacy. She is an amazing daughter as well and we could not be more proud of her. We love Charley!!!!!


Megara said...

Oh, I remember wanting earrings that bad! Too cute. I love that you had to talk Ronny into, sounds just like my dad :) Happy Birthday Charly!

Stacey said...

Happy Bday Charley!! You have grown up so much, I remember when you were 5. Crazy. Have fun in YW!

aj said...

unbelievable! Happy #12 to Charley! Hurray for getting your ears pierced. Big big day!

Sant Family said...

Hahaha! You said "dc" like it's just an everyday word. One of a million little things you learn and implement.

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! I can't believe that she is 12! I remember her birth day. Like her actual day of birth and seeing her when she came home.

She's an angel, no doubt!