Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Day of Work is Good for the Soul

Today has been a busy day. Got the kids off to school, had some much needed play time with Ben, headed to the store for the last bits of ingredients for tomorrow's feast, finished off Aaron's photo book, had a neighborhood full of kids in the basement again, finally got our bulbs planted (we'll see if I got them in too late this spring), and now its time to get dinner started. I still need to make an apple pie and cranberry sauce tonight. I think Ronny's Aunt and Uncle are also supposed to be stopping by at some point but I haven't heard from them. Its been a busy day but its been good.

I've been working on Aaron's book for several weeks now and every time I sit down to work on it memories flood my mind and its hard to control the tears sometimes. For the last few days I've had to set it aside just to get a little bit of peace. Having other work to do today helped with getting the book pretty much finished (other than one last edit) and allowed me to push through the emotions to get the other stuff done.