Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A Little More San Diego

I just realized I didn't finish out our San Diego Trip photos from last month. We did do other things besides the zoo, and Sea World. We made a quick stop to visit my grandmother in St. George. I only remember one of my great-grandmothers and we always visited her in a nursing home. Our kids are lucky enough to still have one great-grandparent on each side of our families. These are trees just outside her home, they are great for climbing. I can't believe I didn't snap a photo of Grandma Joan though. What was I thinking??? (We hope to see both of our great-grandparents again in December and I will do my best to snap a picture of both of them).

On our way out of San Diego we decided to take the kids to where everything for our family started. The San Diego Temple was where Ronny and I were married. It was a little chilly and a little foggy but its still one of my most favorite places to be!
The Mormon Battalion Museum was fabulous! The kids loved the presentation and absolutely loved panning for gold and pumping the old water pump. In the story of the men leaving for war one 9 year old boy chased after his father, wanting to go with him. It took him 3 days to catch up and he walked all the way to California. That is the same age of my son Joseph. I can't believe the terror he caused his mother after she discovered he was gone.

We also did the USS Midway tour. This was amazing. We highly recommend this tour. The kids were about done half way through (which is saying something as the boat was massive!). I would really like to go and finish the tour out. We didn't even make it to the tower, grrrrr.

In the engine room were two veterans who had once worked on the ship. The boys had lots of questions for them and they were great to answer all of them. I think they were excited to see the boys so enthralled with the equipment. The kids took notes and answered questions along the way and in the end earned their "wings". Joseph also ventured onto a flight simulator which both Ronny and I were a little surprised at. He is does not like roller-coaster type rides.