Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween 2011

(Her hair was all black when she left, I guess the hair dye doesn't last very long.)

This year we let Charley go trick or treating with her friends. After she left one of my friends asked me if I gave her a cell phone. Oops, next year I won't make that mistake again. (I'm still getting used to this new age of independence!) To say the boys got a good load of candy would be an understatement. When Ronny came back with them he looked at me and said "I NEVER got this much candy as a kid" Half way through the boys came in dumped their first pumpkin of candy out and went for another, they succeeded. I guess having our houses so close together and having several town homes around the corner is a major plus on Halloween! I'm glad they enjoy getting it as much as eating it because it will magically disappear long before they will eat enough to make a dent in the amount they have!