Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Reason To Be Thankful

Last night we made our way over to the boy's school for parent teacher conferences. I had prepared myself for the "your child is not working to their potential" assessments and I was ready for the "cut us some slack" reply I was going to give. To my complete surprise the boys all had essentially straight A's (or 4's in our grade books). They also had excellent behavior marks, which is saying something considering where Ben started this year. (We had to have the "raise your hand before you answer" talks, the "don't throw things during centers" , and my favorite; "no kissing the girls in the assembly" talks! I have a feeling we'll have to have that talk more than once during his adolescent life.) Charley's conference is tonight and I expect much of the same as she is a our most studious child. I had to bite my cheek to hold off the tears.

I have been worried about them falling behind in school these last months and knowing I just couldn't help them more than what we were doing. They rose to the challenge and have worked hard. I know the Lord has picked up the pieces and has watched over them and given them strength and encouragement when I couldn't. I know many of those who have watched over my kids have helped them as well, thank you. In each conference I looked to each boy and told them how proud we were of them, each had that little sparkle in their eye and I knew they were just as excited to show us their hard work. I love my kids!


Elizabeth said...

What a fabulous post..with fabulous news. (I have tears in MY eyes). What a gift for you - getting all that good news/good behavior...especially after ALL your family has been through this year. A true answer to prayers.

Lorri said...

I would really love to get in contact with you. I have facebook (Lorri E Richardson) and here is my email: I don't stop by your blog too often, but when I do, my heart goes out to you and your family. Azlynn is home now and doing well. I wish I had gotten your phone number when I saw you almost every day.
Lorri Richardson