Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sam's Big Day

Sam was baptized yesterday. We were all very excited, but no one as excited as him I would say. We had close to 40 people join us for his big day, unfortunately I didn't get a picture of everyone together. Once again the stake primary rep called me less than a week before the baptism and asked us to sing a musical number, this time I said no but volunteered to give a talk or prayer, seriously we don't sing!!!! She relented and assigned us a talk, she then said they knew we had a "youth" in our home and asked if she would be willing to give the talk. I laughed and said the "youth" in our home became a "youth" just the day before and that I didn't think she would be comfortable giving the talk just yet. She said she understood and would put me on the program.

Yesterday as I took my seat on the stand there was a woman already there and she turned to me and said, "I know you". I smiled and said that she did not look familiar to me but that I am a bit disconnected as of late. She then said, "I know that I know you, I have seen your face recently". Then she exclaimed, "I have taken your picture"! We quickly figured out she was the photographer that came to Ronny's family reunion this past summer. I obviously wasn't paying that much attention at the time. Her sister-in-law also was the photographer who took the photos at Aaron's funeral and she had been the one who edited them before sending them to us. (Ronny's mom and sister had arranged the photographer for the two events so her name wasn't even familiar.) We chatted for a few minutes and discovered her daughter and Sam were in the same class at school along with another child being baptized that day.

Although the winter weather rolled in it was a wonderful day. We are so grateful for those who took time out of their schedules to travel to be with Sam yesterday. Thank you also to all those who stood in the circle to confirm Sam, we are grateful for your examples and lending your priesthood power to his blessing.


Stacey said...

yeah Sam!! Glad everything went well!!