Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"If It Gets Worse"

Being that its Wednesday its a crazy day from the start. I only get about an hour with Aaron on Wednesdays and it seems the hour gets spent catching up on rounds asking questions and pumping. Not too much time actually gets spent with just him until I go up at night while the big kids go to karate.

Today Aaron had an eye exam, we couldn't put it off another week. His eyes are doing fine, almost completely mature and no signs of ROP. He is getting his sildenafil again and will be up to the full dose by tomorrow. He had a KUB (belly x-ray) to check things out and it looks fine. His formula will get fortified with 27 calories today up from 24. His potassium looks better today so they cut that supplement in half. His weight also came down another 80 grams last night to 2360. Unfortunately his belly is firmer today than it was yesterday and he is requiring more oxygen and vent pressure support. These were the two things we have been watching for with his edema. So, if these two things don't change tonight he will most likely get another stomach tap tomorrow (possiby tonight if things get worse). With his oxygen stats increasing Ronny and I are concerned about him splitting. His pre-machine was taken off earlier this week after the echo. Today I asked the n.p. to have the nurses put the machine back on intermittently for 15 minutes to just make sure he is not splitting. The n.p. wasn't too concerned about it but I told him it would make me fill better and it was an easy thing just to put the sensor back on his arm. We'll see if my request is done when I go in tonight.