Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Day of Tests, Can We Go Fishing???

This is what I saw when I arrived to see Aaron yesterday. He had a little tent over him and was one happy little guy snuggled on his tummy. The little marks on his heels are where they draw the multitude of labs each day.
Aaron seems to be feeling better. He is awake more often and for longer periods of time. With his bed open he doesn't have much to look at so his nurse yesterday made him a little mobile out of toys and found a great blanket that hung from the top of his isolette with a suction cup and rubber bands. I tell you these nurses are very creative and inventive! He woke up later and just stared at his new toys!

Aaron had a pretty good day. They continued to wean his nitric and when his Primary nurse came in last night he got right in line and had the best sats and numbers for the day. His weight was 2560 so the weight gain is slowing down and his belly was 1/2 cm less last night. As they wean the vent settings his kidneys start to pick up better. The other day Aaron got a hold of the catheter tubing with his toes and yanked his cath right out. I wasn't too surprised to hear about this as he tends to find these tubes and pull whenever he gets a chance. For now they have left it out.

Today Aaron has a chest film, viral panels, and another echo ordered. His nitric will be off by noon and the echo this afternoon. If his blood gasses continue to be low they will continue to wean his jet vent and possibly move him back to the Drager sometime in the near future. They are doing all they can to get him ready for the CATH lab. I think the big hold up may be the viral panels. He has to have 3 negative cultures before he can be transported and each culture takes 24 hours to come back.

When Ronny and I got home last night Nana filled us in on the days events. They boys have discovered fishing on their terms it seems. They take their bug nets and some bread to the park. Joseph lays himself way over the dock and drops bread on the surface of the water. Then he waits very patiently until a fish comes to eat it and snatches him up in his net. Apparently he is very successful and is the star at the park. They brought a bowl with them last time and everyone had to touch the fish (YUCK!). I will have to get the pictures from Nana. Oh the adventures they have had this week! Charley and Ben made a trip to Gardener Village while the big boys played at a friends house. Charley also had a babysitting job that was not her brothers for the first time in quite a while, she was very excited! They were all very tired kids when we came home. Those are the best days!


Stacey said...

glad Aaron is doing the pic of his feet, so cute.