Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 128

Today Aaron's chest films showed his right lobe is recruiting once again. He is more tolerant during cares and has started to recover quicker when we finish. He still has quite a bit of secretions and mucus that we suction out and is now coughing up into is mouth as he now has an air leak. One of his vents (he is on two, Jet and conventionial) settings were weaned by 1 today. He received blood on Sunday so his CRT is much higher at 49. He had multiple labs run this morning. His liver numbers are significantly elevated which is concerning. This may be the start of liver failure and something that will be monitored more closely now. The Attending is cocncerned Aaron is out growing his body. I don't really know what to say to that, other than shrug my shoulders. Just add that to the list I guess.

On a good note the big kids visited the dentist today. No cavities!!! Happy day there as I did not want to return with all the construction chaos in the area of the dentist's office! Today the kids are visiting Discovery Gateway. They have had so many adventures in the last week its hard to keep up. Nana took Joseph's county report seriously and they have been all over Utah County, and I mean all over it! He will have a hard time weaning the pictures down, apparently they are picking up 75 of them today at Costco. Yesterday Joseph and Sam went shoe shopping for church shoes and tennis shoes so that can officially be checked off the things to do list. Our kids were asked to sing a song for the upcoming Primary Sacrament Meeting Program in October. We are somewhat of a musically challenged family so we have lots of practicing ahead of us. That will most likely fill our Family Night agendas each week up until the program. The bishop called this week and reminded us that Sam's baptism is coming up. We'll need to get on that soon.


Sant Family said...

Holy cow. Aaron is outgrowing his body? What else could you do but shrug? Of all the things that need to be fixed ...

Keep the faith, my friend. So many people are both sides of veil are pulling for you guys. This is all in Heavenly Father's plan.