Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mad Mommy!

Yesterday did not go so well for us. Aaron's first echo had some glitches and needed to be redone so when I walked in at noon that was just getting underway. The results of that one were what we wanted, left to right shunting and moderate PDA. So, Aaron met the requirements to go to the cath lab. The call was made to Cardio to come and get the ball rolling. The resident said she would be there in the afternoon to make the initial assessment. (The procedure is a resident comes over, then the fellow comes over, then all 3 come over, its time consuming and frustrating to say the least!) At 4:30 the resident calls back and says that instead of coming over then she'll come by tomorrow then talk to the Attending and then make the plan for transfer.

To say I was frustrated is an understatement, irate would be a better word. Our N.P. had told her I was there waiting and that I had to make special arrangements for child care at home. We have had pretty much every consult you can have and no other specialty pulls this on us. There is no reason why one of the residents could not have come over and made the initial assessment yesterday. There are several of them as 6 of them have been in Aaron's room before at one time. This would not happen to one of their clinic patients, this would not have happened if Aaron was across the bridge.

We have had this problem before and I asked the Attending how to get them to come over when we needed them and he said, "just call us, we'll come". Obviously that is not the case. So today when they decide to mosey on over that bridge and they ask me what else they can do for me, I'm going to Spell It Out for them! Today you get Mad Mommy!


Sant Family said...

You go girl! I remember the ... games played by each side of the bridge. It was VERY frustrating to be in the middle.

Cindy Lou said...

Yee-haw! I can comment in this. I couldn't yesterday. Extra prayers and thoughts from for you.