Friday, September 09, 2011

Sports Camp, Pneumonia, and New Beginnings!

This has been another long week for all of us. This has been the big kids first week off track for the new school year. I found a sports camp type thing through the county at a nearby rec center for them. It was amazingly inexpensive and something I knew the kids would enjoy. They get to play two organized sports in the morning and then after lunch they get to swim everyday. So far the've played dodgeball, hockey, ultimate soccer, kickball, tag, capture the flag, volleyball and one other I believe. They have loved it and its allowed me to be at the hospital. I only wish I had pictures of them participating.

The Young Women's President came over this week to give Charley an invitation to New Beginnings. I was completely beside myself when she said it was this Sunday. I knew the time was quickly approaching when she would turn 12, but now it seems to have come way too fast. She is soooo excited and I am excited for her as well. I don't know that I'm ready for her to pass this new milestone and I feel like I have missed so much time with her these last few months. I was asked to give a 2 minute bio on her and can't seem to put the right words together for that. I am way too weepy as of late.

Aaron's pnuemonia became worse in the last couple days. His left lobe completely collapsed and this morning they told us his x-ray showed his lungs completely whited out. His C02 levels were 92 today. He was changed back over to the Jet ventilator about an hour ago. They say this will help break up the secretions in his lungs and help open up and ventilate the lungs as well. Shrotly after swtiching him over we suctioned him and thick yellow junk came out, so thick it was stuck in the tube. This ventilator is loud and Aaron is extremely sensitive to all stimulus as of late. He was not happy after the switch and took a long time to saturate again. They have taken secretions from his vent tube to culture once again and have changed his medication back to merapenum (sp?). Hopefully that will kill off whatever is in his lungs. Last night Aaron weighed 2090 down another 50 grams. Soon we will want him to gain weight again. Unfortunately its hard to tell when he will hit his true weight.

Yesterday in the late afternoon a brand new baby was moved into our room. I wasn't too concerned with the neighbor until 6 adults followed her in. I found out she was just a brand new arrival and this was the first time her family came to see her. Her twin brother was across the hall. With Aaron being so sensitive to light and sound this became a problem very quickly. I felt bad for the family for getting moved into our room but at the same time I was really annoyed as they wouldn't keep their voices down and I had to ask them to turn the flash off on their camera. It didn't help that they kept going from room to room and opening and closing the door either. Finally one of the N.P.'s went out the the nurses station and pretty much demanded that this baby get moved out. Quite a lot of shuffling had to take place but they eventually moved her out. Aaron is quite the high maintenance kid and we pretty much keep his room dark and as quiet as possible. I can't blame him for wanting it that way, that's what I want when I don't feel good either.

Thank you to those who stepped in and watched and entertained my big kids this week to allow me to stay at the hospital. This has been a dicey week with Aaron's illnesses. I wish I could say he was getting better. I hope I can say that soon.


Peggy Glasmann said...

Oh Denise, my heart aches for you and all you are going through. You have wonderful kids and you are all going through a hard time. Be patient with yourself and with them. Know that we love you all and our prayers are with you!