Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When He's Stable.....

This morning the kids and I headed to the airport to pick up Nana! I think its a toss up who is more excited for Nana to come these days between me and the kids. For the kids it means time with her on new adventures and for me its the fact that I can go to the hospital and not have any worries the kids are missing me. We arrived to find Nana's plane delayed (we knew before we left but it was later than we had expected.) The plan was to go home and for me to take Trax up but after 30 minutes in the parking lot and having to repeatedly tell the boys to stop shooting spit balls at each other, I was ready to go to the hospital where it would be quiet! Yes I knew I would be throwing Nana into the lions den but they certainly behave better for her these days than me so I wasn't feeling too bad.

I arrived in time for cares. Dr. Beachy's first comment was "I was so tickled to see his chest film look so much better this morning!" At which point I asked her to share the joy with me and fill me in. Aaron's lungs are opening back up and his oxygen needs are decreasing. His vent settings are being turned down fairly regularly. His staph infection looks to be cleared up and now we are waiting for the flu to run its course.

Assuming his flu and pneumonia are getting better we now need to prepare him for his visit to the CATH lab. We don't think he'll be able to make his original date of the 22nd but hopefully it won't be too much later than that. It was decided that we would need to call over to Primary's and get their recommendations on at what point they would accept him. They received the news later this afternoon that he needed to be stable. Hmmmmm stable. Stable for normal kiddos or stable on Aaron's standards??? Could you quantify that just a little bit more please??? We also needed to know how many negative cultures he would need before being accepted. We are still waiting to hear on that front. We would like him to be off the jet and back on the Drager, off his nitric, and being weaned off the flolan before sending him over as that would give us better results, so we will see how far we are willing to go before he heads over. Hopefully he'll be off the jet in the next few days. He gets puffier while on the Jet so my feeling is the sooner the better on that end.

Aaron had a good day today. We were able to suction really thick mucus out of his lungs today. It wasn't discolored and the blood isn't there anymore. We are hoping his lungs are on the mend and his breathing becomes easier. I think being able to eat through this mess has helped give him the energy he needs to fight this off. He remains in isolation but we now only have to wear gloves, no more masks or gowns. Hooray!


Megara said...

Oh how I love happy, positive posts!! Great news! So glad the staph is gone and that his lungs are working better!! I am only the wife of a cousin and Aaron is on my mind 24/7. I wonder how many other people check their blogs 4-5 times a day to see if you have posted and how things are going? He has so many people rooting/praying for him. So glad things are going well today and that you have Nana to help now!!

Sant Family said...

So is Aaron stable yet?

What about now?


Wait, define stable ...

I love these kinds of non-specific definitions!

I am so glad that your mom is in town and can help you and Ronny with this incredible load. You guys are doing awesome.

Megara, I check several times, too. I think legally, it might be stalking, but I am calling it concerned friend.