Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Positive Culture

For the first time after several rounds of tests, Aaron has a positive culture. Unfortunately its the one positive we prayed we wouldn't hear. Aaron has a staph infection. Two things you never want in a hospital are pneumonia and staph, unfortunately Aaron has both and at the same time. One most likely causing the other. Results have not yet come back on what kind of staph it is, we pray it is not MRSA. With Aaron's history, we wouldn't be surprised if it was. The two cultures that were run yesterday and today will tell us if the antibiotics are the right ones for the job or if they need to be adjusted. The secretions they are suctioning are no longer discolored and his x-ray showed no improvement. It wasn't worse so we'll take that as o.k. today.

Aaron's CRT was 28.5 today. This frustrated me quite a bit. I asked for him to have a transfusion yesterday knowing these labs were coming, they decided to wait. Not too surprised when he was having a hard time saturating today! When I left to pick up the kids today he was finally getting his blood. 30 mls this time, that is a lot! They decided to not stop his feeds during the transfusion so they only had to have 1 PIV in this time, something he already has thankfully. He is not tolerating much of anything right now, being touched, moved, and least of all suctioned. They upped his morphine dose and changed it back to IV form and are scheduling his adavan instead of making it at nurse's preference. Hopefully that will help.


Elizabeth said...

This sweet baby boy (and your family) are in my prayers. I went to high school with Liz (Ron's little sister) - we played volleyball together - and I heard of your blog through her family blog. I have been following little Aaron's story -- sending prayers for his recovery and for your strength. You are both amazing parents. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Zach 'n' Jack said...

we are praying hard for little Aaron! I love that little guy and pray that you and your family will be blessed and supported through all this! Fight Aaron, fight!!!

Maren said...

Hi Denise. Ben and I wish all the best for little Aaron. Our prayers are with your family daily. You are amazing parents.