Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Echo News

Last night we received the results of Aaron's echo. His PDA is wide open and once again has bilateral direction. He also has flattening of his septum. The cardiologist has decided to let it be and watch it really closely. They did readjust the range on which they want his oxygen saturation stats which requires him to have a little more O2 then he is used to. They are hoping to bulk him up and let his heart take care of closing the PDA off on its own. The flattening of the septum makes that a little tricky. Normally they would increase his feeds even more but that may cause the septum to flatten more and cause breathing problems. So they did up him to 9 mls a feed yesterday and stopped all his extra fluids. The cardiologists ideally want Aaron's heart to fix itself, if they have to go in surgically and fix things or medicinally try to fix it they would like him bigger. They have done this surgery on babies Aaron's size but they would rather have him bigger if at all possible.

For now he is doing exactly what they want him to do, gaining weight. He weighed in at 650 grams. Since he was born he has gained 250 grams and considering he lost 40 grams at one point he has gained almost 300 in the last 4 weeks. To me that is absolutely amazing considering it took me 31 weeks and 2 days to get him to 400 grams!

I tried to hold him last night after he was fed but he wasn't having it. He kept squirming around and his O2 stats dropped. As we were trying to get him better situated he lost too much heat so after only about 15 minutes he went back into his bed. We swaddled him and he went right to sleep. It was almost as if he was saying, "Mom I just want to sleep right now, I'll play later."


The Strasser Family said...

Evan is going to have the procedure done to close his PDA. Hopefully Aaron's will close on it's on. Glad he is gaining weight.