Monday, June 20, 2011

We arrived late last night so we missed Aaron's cares but he is doing great. The new feeding procedure seems to be working as he weighed in at 620 grams last night. 4 grams shy of 1 lb 6 oz. He is taking 7 mls a feeding now and will most likely start to get 8 today. He is waking up 15 minutes before each "cares" and whines to be fed and has little to no residual left in his stomach. The nurses can tell he wants more food and have to sooth him with his pacifier. If he weren't still getting antibiotics they could take his IV's out. He still measured 27 centimeters and his belly is up to 17 cm. I think most of his weight is in his belly, hands, and feet. I imagine he will have grown next week as my kids usually bulk up and then shoot out. Being Father's Day yesterday I really wanted Ronny to hold him. He was able to hold him for about an hour and I could tell how much Ronny enjoyed his time with him. Ronny is convinced we will now need to get a new rocking chair with lots of cushion like the one at the hospital.

Aaron has decided being swaddled is how he likes his days now. During this week he also decided he likes his pacifier. When he is upset we give it to him and he latches right on. Its also the bigger of the two pacifiers so taking this one moves him one giant step closer to being able to take a bottle. He is 36 weeks gestation as of Saturday and its hard to think that in just one more week he would be considered full term. Today he gets another echo to check on how his heart and lungs look. No labs are ordered for today so unless he blows another IV he won't get poked today. He got a new one last night while we were there so hopefully they last until tomorrow.

We got home really late and this morning we both are very tired. I was so tired this morning I forgot to send the boys off to school. Oops!


meg said...

He really does look like he is getting bigger!