Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Today the nurses decided Aaron needed something more to help with his pain so they started him on morphine. I went up to see him tonight and he looked drugged. I had planned on holding him but he was wiped out after I changed his diaper so I let him be. He is taking more oxygen tonight which I think is a side effect of the morphine. He also had quite a bit of residual in his stomach that the nurse also said was from the morphine. That concerns me some as the stuff that is supposed to help with bone growth is coming in his feedings and if he's not processing it then its not getting into his system. He weighed 790 grams tonight. I don't think that was accurate after seeing how much residual he had so I'm guessing he is more like 770 grams.

Doctor appointments scheduled for the next two days, now if I could just not have any sick kids....


Sant Family said...

Wow. What a time you guys are having! I can't believe your luck! You will survive this :). Hopefully you guys can get everyone on the mend! Continued prayers for you!