Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I was able to go in during the day yesterday and hold Aaron. He did much better and settled right down when I picked him up. He had another set of labs done in the morning and his numbers that showed infection are way down and into normal range again so we know the antibiotics are working. His feeds were increased from 9 mls to 12 mls. The milk is getting 24 extra calories and they are now trying to fortify it with sodium chloride, potassium, calcium, and one more I can't remember. He was put back on nitrous oxide (NO2) to see if they can't get his heart to repair itself. It seemed to do a good job the last time he was on it and if its not enough to allow his heart to do the job the hope is that it does enough to allow him to get bigger before they decide on surgery or medication. I also spoke with the nurse practitioner and she said they are hoping to get Aaron started on bottle feedings in the next couple of weeks. He really likes his pacifier and that is a good indication he is getting ready to bottle feed.

Ronny went up last night and also was able to hold him. We love that he does so well that we can both hold him. He was there for cares and Aaron nailed him during the diaper changing. It was another 3 diaper process. Love those! He weighed in at 670-680 grams, they did it twice because Ronny was touching the bed when it was taken so we aren't quite sure what it was charted at. Just looking at him we can tell he is gaining. His ears which were once flat next to his head have definition and he is filling out the rolls of skin on his arms and legs. Now that they have increased his feeds so much we can tell he is working on growing. He isn't waking up to eat anymore, he's waking up when his diaper needs to be changed. Then he really hollers. We thought he was feisty before, he really lets you know when he is uncomfortable now! His screams are getting louder so we know his lungs are getting bigger. The nurses comment all the time that in his little head he knows he is 36 weeks gestation and is acting like a 36 week baby, he just doesn't know how small his body is. The hat that he wore after he was born no longer fits so he is now wearing a bigger one when we hold him.