Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Mother's Touch

Above: This weeks' puppy photo. Swelling has gone down in his hands and feet.

Below: Friday night photo. You can see the edema in his hands.

Yesterday was really busy so I just didn't have time to post. Ronny was at a scout activity with Joseph for most of the day and I took the other kids downtown to the Farmer's Market. We found lots of things to look at and purchase and we all had a lot of fun. I was happy to find a local honey vendor. A friend told us in Oregon that eating local honey to where you live will help with your allergies. It worked in Oregon while we were there so we are hoping it works again for us here. My stepfather Dexter took us to his friend's Belgian waffle shop across from Pioneer Park. They were amazing!!!! We will definitely go back for more.

Aaron is doing better. He had a few rough patches the last few nights with needing to go high on his oxygen. Mainly when he gets upset. His swelling in his limbs is pretty close to gone. He has been filling his diapers full again. Friday night he had a diaper weighing 25 mls which is almost double what he gets fed each time and the same night he pooped 4 times during his diaper changing. All his IV's have been pulled and his blood work Friday showed he was "reticking", starting to make his own red blood cells.

The exciting news is that Friday afternoon Aaron started to suck milk off his pacifier. He took 1 ml Friday afternoon. When we were there for his 9:00 cares we tried again. This time I was holding him while we worked on it. He took about 1/2 an ml before he was completely wiped out. My other kids would always fall asleep nursing, but I never realized how much energy they exert while nursing. Watching Aaron suck the milk off the pacifier and get wiped out was eye opening. He has lots of work to do before he can take an entire feeding just from a bottle let alone nursing him.

What I really notice now is how Aaron responds when we arrive and that he now expects me to hold him when I am there. I love it. He gets irritated when we wake him up to change his diaper or if he wakes up early and we don't get in there fast enough and feed him. He really lets you know when he wants something. What I love though is that he will calm right down when we are done messing with him if I just hold him. Whether it be just holding him in his isolette or if I can actually hold him next to me. He is now opening his eyes and "looking" for us when we he hears us. My heartstrings tug when I leave each night knowing I won't be there the next time he wakes up. I am grateful each time I get to hold him.


Cindy Lou said...

Way to go little guy. I am so glad he is doing well. Thank you for sharing Aaron with us, esp those whom you do not know. Prayers are being offered.

Sant Family said...

I can totally tell that Aaron is getting bigger in this puppy picture! I love that he is so age appropriate! You guys stay in our prayers!