Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fracture Update

Yesterday evening Ronny was able to go up to see Aaron right after work. While there the nurse practitioner gave him another update on Aaron's x-rays. Both Aaron's legs are fractured on both bones right near his ankles. He also has a fracture on one of the bones near his wrist on his right arm. For now they are giving him extra vitamins to help with the bone growth. We are still waiting to see the Orthopedics from Primary Children's. The nurses were not sure if they would want his arm and legs splinted. I asked how long it would take his bones to heal and they were not sure. They said they should start to see new bone growing in an x-ray scheduled for next week but the fractures probably wouldn't be completely healed for several weeks is their best guess. For now they are giving him Tylenol for his pain. He is still fussy but not so much that they would need to give him anything stronger yet. We asked what else they would give him and were told they would try morphine and if that didn't work they would sedate him. We are grateful the Tylenol is working well. He continues to gain weight and is now at 750 grams. He grew 2 centimeters last week and is 29 cm and his head is 25.5 cm. Through his pain he is also starting to breath better, he was taken down to 2 liters (the lowest on the NO2) and is back in the 20's on his oxygen.

Ronny and a good friend and neighbor gave Aaron a blessing last night. It was very sweet and Aaron behaved through it. I am so grateful that Ronny is a faithful priesthood holder who can give our children blessings when needed. I was prepared for things like heart trouble, breathing trouble, bowel obstructions, etc... I never considered he would break his bones let alone so many at once. I figured the bone breaking would come a little later in life when he decided to jump out of a tree or something else boys do. The hardest thing was knowing he was in pain and it wasn't something I could fix and not being able to go up and hold him was even more difficult.

Strep continues to plague our house. Joseph woke up late last night coughing and complaining his throat hurt. He is missing field day at school today and has a doctor's appointment later this morning. Ronny and I both decided to also go on antibiotics to ward off those nasty strep bugs. This will allow us to continue to visit Aaron. I won't hold him again until the drugs are in my system for a good 48 hours just in case.