Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Another one of those scary calls came this morning. Aaron's left leg and foot were once again swollen this morning and he seemed upset. This time they decided to take an x-ray and discovered 2 fractures in his left leg and 1 fracture in his right leg. His chest film showed his rib bones were see through and we are still waiting on the films from his upper extremities. He is having an echo done on his heart right now. I pray they do not break a rib today. The orthopedics from Primary Children's have been called and they will come see him this afternoon. They tell me this is "normal" on IUGR babies and its something that most likely could not have been prevented. Honestly, I'm tired of hearing these problems are "normal"! I don't think the news is any less concerning to me and certainly doesn't stop the tears. They say we can still hold him but we have to be extremely careful. I thought we already were being extremely careful. They have added calcium, Vitamin D, and another vitamin pack to his feedings to see if his bones will thicken. They are giving him tylenol for the pain and if that doesn't calm him down they will have to give him something stronger.

Any other day I would call someone in to watch Ben and head straight to the hospital, unfortunately Charley came home sick from school yesterday and has strep. I need to be in two places right now and I just can't be. Today is one of those days that seems like the patience I have just isn't enough!


Cindy Lou said...

If there were anyway possible that I could be there to help I would drop everything to get there. I can't even imagine. It is really hard to here "this is normal", it maybe normal for them, but not normal for you. How about some extra prayers from me, it's a small help, yet the very best I am able to do. Just for you a virtual hug and some chocolate (its calorie and fat free).

Sant Family said...

I am so sorry! How difficult to be in your situation! (Been there, done that, have the gray hairs to prove it.) Aaron is in good hands.

I always found it frustrating to be told, "this is normal". If this is normal, why aren't we preventing it? And I understand that a lot of critical care is putting out fires as they spring up. It's hard in every way.

Prayers for all y'all!

Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry! I can't even imagine how hard this must be for you. I hope Charley starts to feel better soon.

Stacey said...

That's why we have the Lord, he can be two places at once. :) Hang in there. Hope both kids start feeling better soon.

Jen said...

I'm glad that you said that the broken bones are "normal." When I saw the post on FB, I thought...how is that possible??? It still seems crazy to me that a bronken bone could be normal...it's not like he moves that much!

We'll continue to pray!