Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Request for Help (maybe win an IPad2)

... sorry this isn't a post about Aaron. Yes, you really can win an IPad2.

During the nights I'm in the NICU, but I still have my day job designing Artificial Intelligence and statistical models of purchasing behavior. Our company,, has just launched a new section of our site that allows students to review the schools they have attended.

We're trying to seed the reviews as quickly as possible, so we're holding an internal competition. Whichever employee gets the most people to submit reviews wins the competition. If I win, one of your reviews will be selected as the "best review" and that reviewer will win a new IPad2.

Follow this link to my page for the competition:

The company is pretty small, so you actually have a pretty good chance of winning. Feel free to pass the link around to whoever you want, but be sure to have them leave a comment at the bottom of the page so your review can get counted towards my total.


bjarnason family said...

Just did my review for Dixie. Love you Ronny.