Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Last night I was able to hold Aaron again. His temperature was a little low when we started but by the time I put him back in his bed he was plenty warm. We were both very content and sleepy during our time. Ronny was too as he had fallen asleep on the chair next to us. He has started to gain weight again. We were happy to see that while he was sick he was able to maintain his weight. Being fed through the process sure helped! Last night he weighed in at 580 grams. Tonight he gets measured as well. Ronny is talking with his nurse right now and he seems to have had a good day. He was brought down on his flow and is doing well with that. A good sign he is starting to feel better. We'll go up tonight and hopefully Ronny will get to hold him. Could there be a better Father's Day gift????

This morning the kids and I got up early to make Ronny blueberry pancakes. Ben has been planning the blueberry pancakes all week and was soooo excited to bring them in this morning. The boys had made cards at school and Mom helped fill in gifts for the other kids. The boys were very excited to give their Dad oars for our raft in desperate hopes to get a trip or two down the river this year. We'll have to wait for later in the season, the rivers are running way too high and fast right now. Something to look forward to though this summer.