Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sweet Moments

Aaron was finally fed yesterday at 3:00 p.m. He is back to only 2 mls every 6 hours. He doesn't seem to be tolerating them as well this time. He was given a suppository late last night to see if there was something still blocking his bowels and he delivered up a good stool. Hopefully that does the trick and he digests his feedings once again. Last night we had a sweet surprise waiting for us. Aaron finally had his footprints done! The nurses seemed to have a lot of fun doing them as several copies in two different colors were waiting for us. They also took a set home to show their families and have for themselves. We didn't mind, they are adorable. (Unfortunately I left them there last night so I will take a picture today and post them.)

I did get to hold him last night but only for about an hour. He was getting a bit grumpy towards the end of our time so we put him back in his bed. His temp was on the low side before I held him but within 20 minutes it was up a full degree! The nurse stopped taking his temp at that point and trusted he was just fine. He was weaned down to 1 on the NO2 machine and if he tolerates that well he'll be weaned off soon.

I just had Ronny call up and see how his 9:00 am cares went. That stool seemed to help, his belly is down another full centimeter and there was no residual in his stomach so hopefully he goes up on his feeds today.

Today is Saturday so he and his puppy will get photographed today. I know its hard to tell from pictures, but he really is getting bigger. We no longer can count each individual rib. He is now officially over 1 pound. Two days ago he weighed 470 grams, last night he was 490. We know his weight is subjective depending on if they weighed him before he was fed or after, and how many tubes and lines they have in him, as well as how much of those tubes we support with our hands. We like to see his weight stay the same or go up each day. That tells us that something is being added to those tiny bones.


The Houston's Home said...

He is so cute! What a fighter he is. Thanks for sharing with me tonight!