Tuesday, July 05, 2011

4th of July

This year the 4th of July was a bit of an oddity for us. Usually we have great plans to spend with family or friends with barbecues or breakfasts and especially fireworks. When we woke up yesterday morning we really didn't have plans other than our ward breakfast. We were told in church to have the kids decorate their bikes for a children's parade and to head over to one of our parks by 9:00 am. When we crossed the street we were surprised to see what this breakfast entailed! It was amazing! The breakfast spread was great, the kids (and adults) were treated to a bounce house, face painting, snow cones, and a "snowball" fight with flour bombs. They also participated in a parade that included a police escort, drummers, super cute cheerleaders (the Bishop's wife), and amazing decorated bikes. We all had so much fun! After everything was over and cleaned up I headed up to the hospital.Aaron and I sat together for over two hours. He was happy and didn't move a muscle and because he didn't set off any alarms I think they let us be. When it came time for his cares I put him back in his bed and hurried to pump a bottle for him. The nurse changed his diaper and Aaron went nuts. I think she may have caught his foot at a funny angle and because it was time for his next dose of morphine and hadn't been given tylenol at all during the day he felt the brunt of the pain. This caused him to go into a Grade 4 A&B. I felt horrible for him. Later that night his belly was bigger than we like which also concerned us. After leaving he had another Grade 4 A&B followed by a very large stool. It seems like he is at his limit of pain threshold and anything else that is added sends him into these A&B's.He eventually settled and I made my way home. I found my family sitting on our favorite sledding hill watching the fireworks. From the hill you could see shows going off all over the Salt Lake Valley. We could see the shows but didn't have to be near the bone crushing booms that sends one of my sons into hiding. It was amazing, a perfect end to the day!


Megara said...

He is just so cute! I hate to hear he is in so much pain, I really hope the gel pad will make a difference!!