Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wrong Turn

A phone call came in at 4:00 am this morning telling us that Aaron had coded. They had to do chest compressions and re-intubate. Ronny and I got dressed called our wonderful friends and neighbors, one to watch the kids, and one to help give Aaron a blessing. He is sedated and stable. We could only stay a few minutes as we had to get back to get the kids off to school for their first day of the new school year. They are waiting on an echo to see what his heart looks like. They have him back on the NO2, sildenafil, and added a third drug this morning to see if they can't get his hypertension under control. We gave his nurses hugs as we could tell the one who he coded on was visibly upset. She told us they had a hard time getting him back and that she hasn't been that scared in a long time. He looked better this morning on the ventilator than he did yesterday on the c-pap. Crossing our fingers and saying a prayer this rest from breathing allows him to have the energy he needs to fight his infection.


KJlovesBubba said...

I'm so sorry :( please call if you need kids picked up or watched. My cell is 801-910-2714, we can be back home in minutes.

Bickmore's said...

:( Wow glad he has once again proved wrong & pulled out of that!!! SCARY!!!It breaks my heart to see him & see what you guys go through!! Our family is so very involved in this & we pray everyday for you guys & Aaron to have the strength & feel the love. Hopefully we can see you & maybe meet him next week if the timing works for you. BUG hugs !!! :)